Your idea, our solutions

It all starts with an idea...

ATWT International offers full service solutions; from raw ideas or issues, to solutions.Our research and development team can help you transforming this idea into a tangible design. Our designer can draw up a possible solution. With a 3D printer, we are able to show you how this solution will look, and more important, work.

With great experience in industries such as the recycling, forestry, salvaging, and offshore industry, we proved to be a reliable partner in developing solutions and producing great products. We are specialized in forging, casting, machining, cutting, brazing, and hardfacing.

When the 3D sample is approved, we will start the production of our first samples made from the material we think might work the best for your application. After a final check, we will start production.

If the first batch is ready, we will make sure the quality of the pieces are perfect up to our standard. We will take care of all packing, shipping, paperwork and customs to get your prodcut where you need them to be.  

Lastly, we can maximize the wear performance of your products by adding carbides or other hard materials.

We are here, at your service.

Want to know what we can do with your idea?