Carbide brazing

Tungsten carbide brazing by ATWT International

Tungsten carbide is a compound, composed of carbon and tungsten. These carbides can be pressed into different formes an shapes. When sintered, these carbide blocks are very abrasion resistant.

It is possible to attach these hard metal tips to any other steel by brazing them on. ATWT International is specialised in induction brazing of tugnsten carbide to steel parts. We are very flexibel in which shape , but also in what specific compound of tungsten carbide we use. This is very dependant on function an application. Sometimes it is better to have a tough piece of carbide instead of very hard, because hard impacting something equaly hard or harder, will make it break. ATWT International has developed insights by experience in the past 15 years the company is actively producing parts with a carbide brazing.    

Brazing and hardfacing are both done in the workshop in the Netherlands, by the specialist of PTE BV. 

Why ATWT brazing?

  • Tungsten carbide tips/plates in every shape
  • Customizable
  • Workshop in the Netherlands
  • Induction brazing up to 1000ºC
  • Also available for small series