Castings by ATWT International

Casting is a manufacturing process, a method to pour liquid metals of any alloy in a certain shape.
ATWT International is specialized in high quality liquid forgings. Together with the customer, we decide what alloy of metals is best suited for the part and aplication. These metals will be melted and stirred together, forming the ultimate mix for this customer.

After that, the molten metal will be poured in a custom made mold. This mold will be made based on drawings our Research and Development department can help you design. 

The parts will be heat treated afterwards to prevent micro cracks and to make the casting even harder and stronger. 

ATWT International will make sure that the parts look clean and neat, they will be machined untill they are complete as they are ordered on the drawing. The parts will be provded with thread holes if requiered, and pockets will be milled out. 

We can maiximize the wear perfomance of the parts even more by applying harder metals onto the forged mother material. This can either be done by brazing on tungsten carbide tips into pockets, or by applying a layer of hardmetal on the part (hardfacing). This layer can consist of several alloys, but most common is a hardfacing with chrome or tungsten carbides. 

ATWT International will provide service troughout the complete casting process. From designing,drawing, protoyping and sampling, to tooling manufacturing and production, even shipping and customs will be arranged by the professionals from ATWT International.
We have partnerships with several forging factories all over the world.   
Treatments to maximize the wear resistance are done in the workshop in the Netherlands.  

Why ATWT castings?

  • High quality liquid casting
  • Cost effecitve for complex and larger objects
  • Heat treated
  • Multiple alloys possible
  • In-house manufacturing of molds