Cutting by ATWT International

There are in general two ways of cutting metal, eiteher with laser or with plasma. Lasercutting is a process cutting material with a laserbeam. Lasercutting can be done on steal of maximum 80mm thick. Plasma cutting is done using a plasma torch: while a gas is blowing at high speed out of a nozzle, an electrical arch is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface, cutting through the material. Plasma cutting is a melting process, while lasercutting is a burning process. Therefore, it will give a cleaner result, without steel splinters. It is als faster and will give less heat impact on the part.  
ATWT International can provide both cuttings, depending on the thickness and other requierments. All cuts will be made automatically, CNC driven.

Together with the customer, we decide what alloy of metals is best suited for the part and aplication. This will be the base for the part we will cut. The cuttings will be made based on drawings our Research and Development department can help you design. The parts will be provded with thread holes if requiered. 

We can maiximize the wear perfomance of the parts even more by applying harder metals onto the forged mother material. This can either be done by brazing on tungsten carbide tips into pockets, or by applying a layer of hardmetal on the part (hardfacing). This layer can consist of several alloys, but most common is a hardfacing with chrome or tungsten carbides. 

ATWT International will provide service troughout the complete cutting process. From designing,drawing, protoyping and sampling, to tooling manufacturing and production, even shipping and customs will be arranged by the professionals from ATWT International.
Most of our cuttings are done in a large scale cutting facility near our workshop and warehouse in the Netherlands. 
Treatments to maximize the wear resistance are done in the workshop in the Netherlands.  

Why ATWT cuttings?

  • Up to 80 mm thick
  • Automated for standard quality product
  • Lasercutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Also available for small series