Hardfacing by ATWT International

Hardfacing is a technique that applies a harder or tougher material to a base metal, usually by welding it on. Hardfacing by arc welding is a surface operation, the welder creates a weld pool in which hard metal in powderform is poured, to attach it to the mother material making the object more wear resistance.

ATWT is specialised in hardfacing with tungsten carbide in several sizes of granulate. Tungsten carbide is a compound, composed of carbon and tungsten. These carbides can be pressed and than crushed into different grains of mash, from different sizes. When welded on softer mother material, it will maximize the wear performance of the part. It is also possible to use the carbide granulate pantsering to restore a worn down part of a machine. 

The CGP layer can be applied to almost any metal, but it is most commonly used in mining, agriculture and recycling businesses, but ATWT International is very willing try this as an solution to abrasion wear in other industries.

ATWT INternational can salso supply a hardfacing from other material or alloy on your parts, such as for example a layer of chrome carbide on the part. Chrome is also  hard, but tough. This means that it will bend with the mother material, and not break when it hits something hard.

Brazing and hardfacing are both done in the workshop in the Netherlands, by the specialist of PTE BV. 

Why ATWT hardfacings?

  • Overlay for wear reduction
  • Multiple alloys possible
  • Customizable, there where parts wear most
  • Workshop in the Netherlands
  • (Semi)automated for standard quality product