Machining by ATWT International

Machining is a collective generic term for various types of controlled material removal processes, focussed on forming a piece of raw material into a desired shape or size.
If it cannot be forged or cast, ATWT International can always machine it. Some shapes are to complex, or to easy making it more cost effective to machine it, instead of casting or forging it. ATWT International also offers machining as an addition to the forging or casting.   

We can maximize the wear perfomance of the parts even more by applying harder metals onto the forged mother material. This can either be done by brazing on tungsten carbide tips into pockets, or by applying a layer of hardmetal on the part (hardfacing). This layer can consist of several alloys, but most common is a hardfacing with chrome or tungsten carbides. 

ATWT International will provide service troughout the complete cutting process. From designing,drawing, protoyping and sampling, to tooling manufacturing and production, even shipping and customs will be arranged by the professionals from ATWT International.

Why ATWT machining?

  • Any shape possible
  • Automated for standard quality product
  • CNC milling
  • Turning
  • Boring/drilling
  • Also available for small series